Carpet Cleaning Process

First of all, I am happy to move large pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas. However, for insurance purposes I ask that you remove anything of value either monetary or sentimental, i.e. ornaments, etc. before I arrive. Also please can you ensure that the floor area to be cleaned is as clear as possible.

To begin, I will clean your carpet using my extremely powerful industrial vacuumn cleaner. This is much more powerful than household vacuumns. This helps remove dry soiling from deep within your carpet.

Then after inspection of the carpet and discussion with yourselves I will treat any stains with the relevant chemicals to facilitate removal to best effect.

Following this I will carry out the pre-spray which breaks down unseen grease and dirt lifting it to the top of the pile.

Then for the noisy bit....... Using one of the latest new extremely powerful machines on the market I will begin the hot water extraction process. This machine will spray hot water into the deepest pile of the carpet at a rate of 600 psi. Immediately after the water enters the carpet the machine automatically sucks the cleaning solution with any dirt, bacteria, pollen, etc. from your carpet into its waste tank leaving the carpet clean and smelling fresh. This process ensures that the carpet is not over wetted and drys much quicker.


Whilst the machine does remove most of the water the carpet may remain damp for a few hours. It is difficult for me to say exactly how long it would be before your carpet is completely dry as it very much depends on seasons/room temperature, etc.